1. Stay close

    Everything’s been going 700 mph since the clock hit 12:00 am January 1,2014. Like some long joy ride and the driver won’t look at me but just keeps accelerating, his hands aren’t even on the wheel. I don’t know. I’ve been working though and sleep isn’t a necessity anymore, or people. I like had an epiphany or something… a major self-realization. It’s all going into the music though and paper (I miss some days but fuck it who else is reading my journals?) The biggest misconception I realized is false is: “as long as you have a significant other they can complete you”—that’s not the case, I mean it’s good that they’re along for this long ass journey of finding yourself, but they’re just riding in the backseat. You’re in the passenger seat, whatever you believe in is driving, but he WILL NOT look at you…won’t even talk to you. I haven’t figured out why yet. I finally finished Naked Lunch yesterday, that movie is still sinking in. Oh and I saw Bad Grandpa and now I’m cursed with the chore of trying to pass it on to as many people as possible, it is fucking hilarious. Also, Music and drugs are very important. They’re basically the same thing but they’re portals. Learn to control that portal and your chauffeur will drive you anywhere. *que that one Kavinsky song*

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    Léa Seydoux wears Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Scrimmage Shirt. December 2011.

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    Aleksandra Wydrych

    what is life



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    Genny, wearing the Polka Dot Legging. Winter 2007.

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    josh peck is literally my favorite person

  6. Drake recording for So Far Gone, 2008

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